Jitsi in LAN behind router with DynDNS


I have a UCS 5.0.1 node here on which I have installed Jitsi. I don’t have a fixed IP here but have created a subdomain ‘meet.meinedomain.de’ for Jitsi externally which I update via DyDNS,

In the app settings are two values (Public IP and URL). Can I also use the DynDNS name here?

Public IP address of the host: meet.meinedomain.de
Public URL for the web service: https://meet.meinedomain.de

Does Jitsi need a STUN server to “meet” with external participants?

with best

The app page in UCS does say that port 10000 UDP should be opened when behind a firewall so you may need to open or forward that port. I do have my jitsi fqdn setup in my local dns as well as my public dns. Other than that I did no additional setup for the current version IIRC.