Issues with uninstall of Rocket.Chat

Hi - I’m facing the following issue:

–> I installed on an fresh installed UCS server (4.4-8 errata987) Rocket.Chat from the UCS app store
–> I played a bit with the new software and decided to uninstall Rocket.Chat to set it up once again with the experience I made
–> The uninstall via UCS web interface worked fine
–> I did a reboot and selected Rocket.Chat once again from the UCS app store
–> no error messages during installation - all looked good
–> I tried to logon via the Rocket.Chat web interface with the Rocket.Chat default password (because new fresh installation) - but logon failed
–> logon with my credentials from my first installation worked fine
–> I checked some settings an test users and channels in the Rocket.Chat admin web section - and it looked like as it has never been uninstalled

How can this be???

Do I have to do something in addition to force a real delete???

FYI: I uninstalled Rocket.Chat now once again via UCS web interface - and all the parts I can check via web interface has been gone (as before).

Any help is more than welcome

There seem to be several Univention apps (f.ex. Nextcloud), whose data base entries do not become removed while uninstalling. It is a poor behavior, because not all passwords in the database will be available after re-installing again, specially, if the app creates new passwords stored in *.config files (like in Nextcloud).

Univention should offer to ask for database removal while uninstalling the app.

To have an option (delete DB Yes/No) would be good.

But if there is now questions - I would expect, that the DB will be removed as well - because I clicked “uninstall”.

As mentioned - If there is something I have to do in addition after the app has been removed - please let me know. I would like to set up a fresh and clean installation.

I asked the same question also direct in the Rocket.Chat forum and got the following answer:


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Hi - any good updates to get this solved?

Looks like I’m the first person how is facing such issues :wink:

Thank you in advance