Issues with UCS 5 and roaming profiles

I have been using roaming profiles with UCS for a year on version 4 and we never had any issues with users running windows 10 and windows 11.

Since upgrading to UCS 5 we have had lots and lots of issues. The biggest issue is users reboot and then they get permission denied when trying to access any of the redirected folders: AppData, Desktop, Downloads, Documents or any others we redirect. Shares work just fine. If I disable offline caching and reboot and let them run from the server they work. But of course that is very slow and not very usable for remote users over VPN.

Anyone have any recommendations? Is there an easy way to redirect back to the desktop? I worry since some files haven’t been updates from the desktops it could cause loss of files that will not allow them to sync. If I have users that have offline cache disabled and I turn off the policy for folder redirect will it transfer them back?

Is there an easy way to export the users and passwords to import into a new server? I was thinking about rolling back to UCS 4 if I can’t resolve this. So for now trying to figure out the best course of action and least impact to users.

Thanks in advance!

We are not having problems with roaming profiles and UCS 5. We are not redirecting AppData, since I read it is not recommended because it can cause problems (maybe for you, too?). It would be helpful to have your share configuration, e.g. one should set the caching policy to manual for offline files.

We are not having problems with roaming profiles and UCS 5.

It seems like I should not have written that… Our Windows clients cannot write to the root directories of the redirected folders any more when in offline mode (Windows Explorer offline) - writing to sub-directories works, though! I suspect that this is a Windows problem and not a UCS/Samba problem, but no idea with which update this started since there is a good chance it was just not noticed because most of our users work online (Windows Explorer online) - it doesn’t seem to be the July update…