Issue with pluccs and squid proxy server

i have installed pluccs and squid proxy server but i am looking to open up their consoles so i can configure them but it is not found anywhere but it showed me installed.

who had worked with pluccs and squid on ucs please help out.


at this time PLUCS doesnt open the usual Ejabberd admin interface on port 5280. User-Management is done with UMC, most server settings are configured via UCR.
We are currently at 99+% with the documentation. You can find it at PLUCS - Owner’s Manual.
Feedback welcome.

Squid is described at 10.5. Web proxy for caching and policy management / virus scan.

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke

please ahrnke, can you give a detail step of how to configure pluccs through the UCR or is there a documentation for that. if not how else do i configure it.


theres a link to the PLUCS manual in my previous post.