Issue mapping drive from Windows Server 2012R2 to UCS Shares

I have run into an issue trying to map a network drive from a Windows Server 2012R2 to a test UCS server. The UCS server is at the latest version of of today (4.4-4 errata617).

The issue appears to be the authentication method used by the Windows Server against the Samba server. If I manually edit the [global] section in the /etc/samba/smb.conf file from:

ntlm auth = ntlmv2-only
ntlm auth = yes

the Windows server will connect and map the drive. Otherwise, it reports “The username or password is incorrect.” Testing from a Debian 10 client without the change has no issues. Also no problem from a Windows 10 1909 machine.

The manual edit is not really a fix, though, because the change gets overwritten by many other operations in UCS. Is there a proper way to fix this issue?

Many thanks.

The UCS way is to use UCR

ucr set samba/ntlm/auth=yes

By the way, the Windows Server 2012R2 isn’t member of the domain, is it?

Thank you, SirTux. That worked perfectly.

The 2012 server is NOT a member of the UCS server domain. Because it is a production server, and the UCS server is still in testing, I have them separate. I did install the Active Directory Connection in parallel on the UCS server, which seems to be working well in retrieving user IDs, etc from the 2012 server, but without causing any changes to the 2012 AD forest.