Is this a bug? when adding DNS entry


I am trying to add various DNS entries the UCS DC master which is installed in parallel to a Windows AD.
When I am trying to add a new DNS entry, if I enter “@” as hostname in the “General Host Record Setting” dialog box, I get a duplicate of the zone under the zone with nothing in it. I would expect that this adds a host record for the domain itself.


not sure what happened to the screen capture, compressed too much?


Hello lleo,

You’ll find this setting on a different place:

Open the DNS-Tab in the UMC and click on the zone-file-entry in the right table.
For expample, if you want to set a @-record for my.domain, you click on my.domain in the table.
Then you will get the settings-dialog with the headline DNS: my.domain.

Navigate to IP-address on the left side.
Here you have to set the IP-address, wich should be your @-record.

Save and your done.

If you want to create a @-record for a subdomain, you first have to create a new forward-zone and then use the steps above.


Hello onex,
thanks, I found those settings before, but changes made there were not immediately effective, thus I thought I needed to make an entry somewhere else.
After restarting the system for other reasons, it resolves the domain correctly.


ok, dann bitte diesen Thread als gelöst / solved markieren.