Is there a way to create a custom app outside the app provider portal?

I’d like to try and put together and test a couple of apps, but I don’t have an app provider portal account. Is there not a way to build an app outside the official portal?

Hi @Kevo,

I just recently went through this again when onboarding a new app developer. While there is univention-app dev-populate-appcenter (explained in this tool sadly cannot deal with docker-compose based apps.

I suppose it could still work, when copying these files manually to the destination, but in the end got the recommendation to create a dedicated account for the new developer.

Hello @Kevo,

if you would like to provide a software solution for all UCS users via the App Center, an App Provider Portal account is needed. We have quality assurance processes before an app is released and we needed a dedicated contact. Furthermore, the App Provider Portal guides through the necessary settings.

Best regards,