Is Odoo UCS App actively maintained?


I am currently working my way into Odoo because we want to use it in the future.
As server VM’s I like to use UCS and the app from it. The system maintenance and integration is just great.
The version of Odoo in the UCS App Store is 12, which is already two years old :frowning:
Is it still actively maintained and is there a chance that there will be an update soon?

In the user administration of UCS you have the possibility to activate the app for a user after the Odoo installation.

What exactly happens here? I can’t log in with the UCS users in Odoo after activation. I have to create them in Odoo. Is this intended?

with best

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Hello Sven

Thanks or your interested in Odoo. I am Univention partner dedicated to Odoo projects and services. We are interested to push forward the status of Odoo integration in Univention UCS as we have customers running Nextcloud on UCS and Odoo in parallel, but without IDM integration, because obviously the SSO integration of Odoo with UCS requires additional development. I believe Univention needs some resource support to launch Odoo stable and ready for production on the platform…

i think the IDM integration is “nice to have” but not mandatory. I personally think that a general version update Odoo 13 or better 14 would be much more important :slight_smile:

Yeah, I would say the priorities from highest to lowest are:

  1. Block other ports than 80 and 443 from Internet to Odoo.
  2. Enable SSL (forward http to https) with own subdomain for Odoo (e.g.
  3. Versions 13 & 14.
  4. Identity management integration enhancements.

I have that anyway. See point 2.

I do that for all servers. The pfSense runs as HA proxy with ACME for Let’ss Encrypt. This “connects” to the local server using the subdomain “” and takes care of the certificates.

that would be really important! :slight_smile:

as I said. Nice to have.