Is it harmless to have the same UCS domain in my test environment?

dear colleagues,
we got (at least it seems so) an unresolvable issue after restoring an UCS VM containing OpenXchange.
My idea is now to set up the same machine in our test environment to check if the DB and file backup helps and all used mechanics are working as expected. If this is successful we can copy the file content for direct access and we can set up this machine from scratch in our production environment.

There is just one point I need to be sure about: can I use the old license file I got for my production servers (yes, the same domain name is used)? I want to avoid the situation that my new UCS calls home and invalidates the license of our production system.
btw.: the test system is set up since 2 Days and no license mail arrived yet

you can clone the exact system, but under NO situation allow it ANY access off your test network.(to your production network)

and yes the licenses will validate…

I do it all the time… and so do many others in the samba community.

It is absolute death, to have two Identical Samba servers on the. same networks that are clones of each other.

since the identification numbers will be the same & the workstation & object keys will be the same, so you will get all sorts of cross contamination , since they will see each others comms packets & think they belong to them.

Finally DO NOT ever copy files directly from one demo working samba server to another production server, as a piece meal operation

the sequence numbers will be different & maybe the machine (workstation) keys.
plus your LDAP &/samba/ucs will not be in the correct sync state.

Thank you so much, Talleyrand!
Especially what about to take care of.
I was about to test it myself but now I know I can do without risk.

thanks & regards