Is possible install iperf3 in univention? what is the best way?

I see that the package exist here ucc2.software-univention.de/pool … /i/iperf3/ but i can’t see it on aptget


in ucs-4.1 you just can install iperf 2:

root@slave:~# apt-cache policy iperf iperf: Installiert: (keine) Installationskandidat: 2.0.5-3.5.201403210220 Versionstabelle: 2.0.5-3.5.201403210220 0 500 https://updates.software-univention.de/4.0/unmaintained/ 4.0-0/amd64/ Packages
Your repo is used by Univention corporate Client (ucc), which is ubuntu based.

On a test-host you could try to build your own backport from debian/jessie - nothing for beginners…

Hmm ok.

What you recomment build or try and install a jessie package?

You cannot install jessie packages under wheezy, you have three options:
[li] build it on your own[/li]
[li] use iperf2[/li]
[li] try to find/build a docker-container with iperf3[/li][/ul]

Ok thanks.

I find one github.com/nerdalert/iperf3

What is the best way to start the docker when univention server starts?