IP for SUITECRM is different after Virtual Machine reboot

Hi all,

I had a look in the forum, but couln’t find an answer.

I installed the univention suitecrm VM from the suitecrm website and chose DHCP.

I then imported some users and language packs, no problems.

I then tried importing 20000 accounts. It took a while and finally stalled out at 9000. So I reset the virtual machine.

When I restarted the IP was different ( going to “” brought up the option to open suiteCRM (at and UCS administration at The admin panel works as expected but the link to suiteCRM does not.

If I go to the page loads, BUT I can’t log in as it says it can’t find the LDAP server, that I guess it thinks is at

Any ideas?




it seems to me that you’re still at the very beginning of using said VM. You should consider re-installing it with static IP assignment. Compare the amount of time needed for re-installing and re-importing users, language packs, accounts etc. with the amount of time you might need to invest to fiddle with the system until the wrong IP addresses have been replaced everywhere. You’ll most likely find that such a manual fix will be required each time DCHP yields a different IP address; hence you should switch to static IPs anyway.

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