IP Address for Virtual Machine


I am a newbie to UCS and I am trying to setup a system. I manage to create a virtual machine with vbridge adapter. However, when I try to install debian on it, it says the machine do not have IP defined.

Can somebody advice on how to assign IP address to a virtual machine (VM) in UCS? I have DHCP server enabled however I am unaware on how to set it up for VM?

Ideally, static IP within the UCS environment will be the best.


before struggling with DHCP I would recommend to set up a static IP in your virtual machine. So install your Debian and configure it for a static IP. Once done you can start troubleshooting with the usual tools (ie ping and so on) to verify the bridged adapter is properly configured.

Let us know the IP addresses and network settings you have configured and tell us what exactly does not work after static IP settings.

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HI Knebb,

I manage to finally make it work with static IPs. I ditched the idea of DHCP server as there are only few VMs.