Intranet and OwnCloud appliance license




I want to try out owncloud at our organisation. The server is located on an intranet network with no access to the internet. After deploying and starting the server, I couldn’t move beyond the step that requires a license for owncloud appliance. I can’t request a license because I have no internet access. So I’m stuck at the last step and there’s no way around it.

Please help me if there’s a way to request the license externally, and then upload it to the server on the intranet.

Many thanks.


Hello @kmoj86,

how do you access the UCS management system on your server?

The usual way would be from some notebook or desktop client with a web browser. Those clients usually have access to the internet. The server does not have to for the license activation. Could you please try to access your server from your client via the web browser and make sure the client has internet access.

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Thanks for replying.

Unfortunately theres no way to connect the clients to the internet either. Is there a way to do it on the internet and then download the license, then transfer it to the server?


Hello @kmoj86,

I can manually create a license for you and let our system mail it to you directly. For this, I need the LDAP Base DN of your system or the domain name and your email address. You provided this information during the setup of UCS where you gave the system its name.

Please send me this information as direct message.

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