Integration of Windows clients in Univention Backup environment

Good afternoon, I installed a Univention in a company’s headquarters with IP and installed a Univention using the Domain Backup option in the subsidiary with IP

In the headquarters I can add the hosts without any problem to the domain, but in the subsidiary I cannot integrate, it reports an error in the resolution of a DNS:


Does anyone know what this problem might be? When I create an object in Univention in “AD Backup” it replicates normally to the principal, however I am unable to add computers to the domain.

After reinstalling Univention and integrating back into the domain it worked! However, I wanted to know how to solve this problem, because I can’t, every time it happens, who knows, after upgrading Univention or something, having to reinstall the server. =(

New case update, after updating Univention (only the 4.4-4 security packages), the error occurred again.


Any idea how to solve this? I cannot leave Univention out of date indefinitely. =(