Integration of GitLab - Best Practice?

I would like to integrate GitLab into my UCS Installation.
There is a Cool Solution for GitLab which I could use.
In the App Catalog I found GitLab marked as “Coming soon”

  • Should I wait for the App from Catalog?
  • When will it be released?
  • If I install the Cool Solution, will I be able to migrate?
  • Will there be a tutorial for a migration (like there is for Letsencrypt Cool Solution -> Letsencrypt App) ?

My UCS Installation is 4.2
Thanks in advance! :metal:

Hello @Greifi ,

we are going to change the label “Coming soon” into “Vote”, because it leads to a wrong expectation. The goal is rather to find out our users’ interest in certain apps. Besides GitLab more apps will come in this category in the next couple weeks.

Concerning GitLab, there is currently no activity known to me to bring it into the App Center. With other apps you can vote for it gives us a better picture about where we should prioritize our activities.

Best regards,