Integrate UCS to AWS SSO for users and groups

Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone has successfully enabled and integrated UCS SSO with AWS SSO ?

We predominantly use UCS for our primary User and group management, But now that we have started using AWS, I want to enable AWS SSO and hook it up with our main UCS to for authenticating to AWS and login to it.

I have enabled and working UCS with below URL’s

when I try to login to UCS it redirects me to and once authenticated it goes me into ucs.

but when I try to download the metadata file for my ucs-sso and try to upload it to AWS SSO it throws error showing “No loginURL with POST binding found in metadata”

I have the metadata files which I can upload here, but the system says I am a new user and does not allow to upload any files.

If I do try to upload the UCS-SSO metadata to AWS SSO selecting an External Identity, it spits out error • No loginURL with POST binding found in metadata

Can someone please help out with it ?