Integrate chat application with UCS AD

Dear Concern,

I am trying to integrate our chat application with univention corporate server’s AD for Single-SignOn, AD version is 12.0. however we are not able to figure out what went wrong in our configuration.
I have applied BaseDN: “ou=Users,ou=CMS,dc=cms,dc=org”, Group Filter: " objectClass=* ", User Filter: " objectClass=* ", Group Display Name Attribute: “cn”, Group ID Attribute: “entryUUID”, First Name Attribute: “givenName”, Last Name Attribute: “sn”, Email Attribute: “userPrincipleName”, Username Attribute: “sAMAccountName”, ID Attribute: “uid”, and Login ID Attribute: “sAMAccountName”. After AD/LDAP Synchronize, it shows 95 users and 100 groups.
Linked one group CMSUsers. However, it shows no users in the group.
No users are able to login Mattermost .
Request you to guide us so that we can achieve chat application integration with AD. If Group/User filter or other configuration is wrong . Please guide how to use UCS AD filter to integrate with any tool for Single-SignOn by UCS AD.