Installing Webmin on USC 4,x

Hi there,

was following this thread:

But stucking on the install of

apt-get install libauthen-pam-perl
Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig
Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut.
Statusinformationen werden eingelesen.... Fertig
E: Paket libauthen-pam-perl kann nicht gefunden werden.

ucr set repository/online/unmaintained=‘yes’ is set.

So may I have to add the official Debian 9 repo?

Or is there a NFS client App available to handle connections to NFS servers?

Thanks, all the best, Frank

In the thread you linked, there is a different way of the installation procedure described, as you did.

Using univention-install or apt brings the same error:

root@ucsBackup:~# univention-install libauthen-pam-perl
Ign:1 4.0-0/all/ InRelease
Ign:2 4.0-0/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:3 4.0-1/all/ InRelease
Ign:4 4.0-1/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:5 4.0-2/all/ InRelease
Ign:6 4.0-2/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:7 4.0-3/all/ InRelease
Ign:8 4.0-3/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:9 4.0-4/all/ InRelease
Ign:10 4.0-4/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:11 4.0-5/all/ InRelease
Ign:12 4.0-5/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:13 4.1-0/all/ InRelease
Ign:14 4.1-0/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:15 4.1-1/all/ InRelease
Ign:16 4.1-1/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:17 4.1-2/all/ InRelease
Ign:18 4.1-2/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:19 4.1-3/all/ InRelease
Ign:20 4.1-3/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:21 4.1-4/all/ InRelease
Ign:22 4.1-4/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:23 4.1-5/all/ InRelease
Ign:24 4.1-5/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:25 4.2-0/all/ InRelease
Ign:26 4.2-0/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:27 4.2-1/all/ InRelease
Ign:28 4.2-1/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:29 4.2-2/all/ InRelease
Ign:30 4.2-2/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:31 4.2-3/all/ InRelease
Ign:32 4.2-3/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:33 4.2-4/all/ InRelease
Ign:34 4.2-4/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:35 4.2-5/all/ InRelease
Ign:36 4.2-5/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:37 4.3-0/all/ InRelease
Ign:38 4.3-0/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:39 4.3-1/all/ InRelease
Ign:40 4.3-1/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:41 4.3-2/all/ InRelease
Ign:42 4.3-2/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:43 4.3-3/all/ InRelease
Ign:44 4.3-3/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:45 4.3-4/all/ InRelease
Ign:46 4.3-4/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:47 4.3-5/all/ InRelease
Ign:48 4.3-5/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:49 4.4-0/all/ InRelease
Ign:50 4.4-0/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:51 4.4-1/all/ InRelease
Ign:52 4.4-1/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:53 4.4-2/all/ InRelease
Ign:54 4.4-2/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:55 4.4-3/all/ InRelease
Ign:56 4.4-3/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:57 4.4-4/all/ InRelease
Ign:58 4.4-4/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:59 4.4-5/all/ InRelease
Ign:60 4.4-5/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:61 4.4-6/all/ InRelease
Ign:62 4.4-6/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:63 4.4-7/all/ InRelease
Ign:64 4.4-7/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:65 4.4-8/all/ InRelease
Ign:66 4.4-8/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:67 4.4-9/all/ InRelease
Ign:68 4.4-9/amd64/ InRelease
Ign:69 4.4-9-errata/all/ InRelease
Ign:70 4.4-9-errata/amd64/ InRelease
OK:71 4.0-0/all/ Release
OK:72 4.0-0/amd64/ Release
OK:73 4.0-1/all/ Release
OK:74 4.0-1/amd64/ Release
OK:76 4.0-2/all/ Release
OK:77 4.0-2/amd64/ Release
OK:78 4.0-3/all/ Release
OK:80 4.0-3/amd64/ Release
OK:81 4.0-4/all/ Release
OK:82 4.0-4/amd64/ Release
OK:84 4.0-5/all/ Release
OK:85 4.0-5/amd64/ Release
OK:87 4.1-0/all/ Release
OK:88 4.1-0/amd64/ Release
OK:89 4.1-1/all/ Release
OK:91 4.1-1/amd64/ Release
OK:92 4.1-2/all/ Release
OK:93 4.1-2/amd64/ Release
OK:95 4.1-3/all/ Release
OK:96 4.1-3/amd64/ Release
OK:97 4.1-4/all/ Release
OK:99 4.1-4/amd64/ Release
OK:100 4.1-5/all/ Release
OK:101 4.1-5/amd64/ Release
OK:103 4.2-0/all/ Release
OK:104 4.2-0/amd64/ Release
OK:105 4.2-1/all/ Release
OK:107 4.2-1/amd64/ Release
OK:108 4.2-2/all/ Release
OK:109 4.2-2/amd64/ Release
OK:111 4.2-3/all/ Release
OK:113 4.2-3/amd64/ Release
OK:115 4.2-4/all/ Release
OK:116 4.2-4/amd64/ Release
OK:117 4.2-5/all/ Release
OK:119 4.2-5/amd64/ Release
OK:120 4.3-0/all/ Release
OK:121 4.3-0/amd64/ Release
OK:123 4.3-1/all/ Release
OK:124 4.3-1/amd64/ Release
OK:125 4.3-2/all/ Release
OK:127 4.3-2/amd64/ Release
OK:128 4.3-3/all/ Release
OK:130 4.3-3/amd64/ Release
OK:131 4.3-4/all/ Release
OK:132 4.3-4/amd64/ Release
OK:134 4.3-5/all/ Release
OK:135 4.3-5/amd64/ Release
OK:136 4.4-0/all/ Release
OK:138 4.4-0/amd64/ Release
OK:139 4.4-1/all/ Release
OK:140 4.4-1/amd64/ Release
OK:142 4.4-2/all/ Release
OK:143 4.4-2/amd64/ Release
OK:144 4.4-3/all/ Release
OK:146 4.4-3/amd64/ Release
OK:147 4.4-4/all/ Release
OK:148 4.4-4/amd64/ Release
OK:150 4.4-5/all/ Release
OK:151 4.4-5/amd64/ Release
OK:152 4.4-6/all/ Release
OK:154 4.4-6/amd64/ Release
OK:155 4.4-7/all/ Release
OK:156 4.4-7/amd64/ Release
OK:158 4.4-8/all/ Release
OK:159 4.4-8/amd64/ Release
OK:160 4.4-9/all/ Release
OK:162 4.4-9/amd64/ Release
OK:163 4.4-9-errata/all/ Release
OK:165 4.4-9-errata/amd64/ Release
Paketlisten werden gelesen...
Paketlisten werden gelesen...
Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut....
Statusinformationen werden eingelesen....
E: Paket libauthen-pam-perl kann nicht gefunden werden.

=> E: Packet libauthen-pam-perl not found