Installing GRUB on UCS server

We are having issues with installing a new UCS Member. The install fails with trying to find grub,(BTW we have tried several downloads of ISO and Burns to DVD everyone of then resulting in the same problem, the installer is not able to find grub on the ISO/DVD. The DVD/ISOs work as we have booted test VMs just find and 4 other servers of the same hardware installed just find off the same sets of ISO/DVD) so we continued through anyway.

We are now wondering what the process is to install grub manually from CD. This can be done on standard Debian, however following that process does not appear to work on UCS. Any suggestions?



do you get any concret error messages when grub install fails? You might be able to get some messages/hints from the installation logs (and/or provide them here).
The following post describes how to grab the logs while in installer-mode: An attempt to configure apt failed

Manual installation of grub might be possible at the command line. You will have to “chroot” into the “/target” directory (in not already unmounted) and run “grub-install” with the necessary options. Sorry but I can’t go into much detail here because that highly depends on the system and the status of the installation. I would therefore focus on analysing the problem of the “normal” installation.

Janis Meybohm