Installed OX Apps - fetchmail not working

I’m trying to get fetchmail to pull down from a pop3 server and put the email into the ox account for that user, i’ve added single drop fetchmail and checked the logs and nothing happens.

Am i missing something or are there instructions on getting this setup.

I’m looking to replace a windows 2011 sbs server with univention and without this facility i may have to look somewhere else

Anyone out there know how to fix this or give me some guidance?


think OX Apps have an own fetchmail is that you try to use or installed fetchmail app from Univention

Thanks, but i cant get it to work…i have setup single pull down and multiple pull down from a pop3 server and neither work, in the end i set up a seperate windows program that can send pop3 to smtp server which is a bit of a shame.

Would have been nice to do it all in one thing, if anyone has instructions on getting it setup please let me know

Both integrations of fetchmail, the standard and the one provided by OX should create a configuration file (/etc/fetchmailrc as far as I remember) and log into /var/log/mail.log.
At least speaking for myself I see no chance to provide any meaningful advise without knowing if the configuration is correctly written and what th system is trying to do based on this.


Thanks for coming back to me, i did a standard setup using the app and then went into the user account and setup a fetchmail single drop using pop3 to pull email from an ISP directly into an OX Mail account, then waited for something to happen, did a refresh in OX mail and nothing happened either.

In the end i used a windows program that pulls email from pop3 and sends it to smtp directly to the ox server and that worked, the fetchmail part didn’t seem to