Installation on Fujitsu TX1310

UCS installation is asking for an ISCSI configuration as part of the partitioning regardless of SATA settings in BIOS.
I am not used to ISCSI.
The disksystem is local.

As there is no reply after one week I’d say that people here could not understand your problem.

The only partial guess would be that the installer did not detect any local storage and only offers remote storage using iSCSI.
I dont know anything about these Fujtsu servers and its Linux support. The only resource I found is but doesnt explain much at first sight.

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Looks like one of the entry-level fake-raid machines again.

In the BIOS set the settings for the onboard SATA Controller to “legacy” / “SATA” or if the former two do not exist to “AHCI”. Do not use “RAID”, as Linux will probably not recognise the disks or the controller.

Be aware that Data on these disks is likely to be wiped completely!