Install Schemas without App

Hi everyone,

i am currently trying to install the kopan schemas for my ucs master, but want to install my Kopano server onto a pure debian machine.

So i need to install the following packages:

root@master:~# dpkg -l | grep kopano
ii  kopano4ucs-lib                                      1.3.1                                          all          Library package for common Kopano4ucs functions
ii  kopano4ucs-schema                                   1.3.1                                          all          LDAP schema for the Kopano4ucs integration
ii  kopano4ucs-udm                                      1.3.1                                          all          UDM extensions for the Kopano4ucs integration

But this brought nothing at all, nothing with kopano in the ldap, and nothing with kopano in the UMC.

Am i missing something?

I installed the packages right away with ‘dpkg -i’.

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Installing UCS packages in Debian is not the intended way, because library dependencies and automatisms are missing, as you already noticed.

So you may want to look into the files delivered by a package (dpkg -L kopano4ucs-schema) inspect the install scripts (ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/kopano4ucs-schema*inst) and apply parts you are missing manually.

I would not recommend this approach and prefer to use a real UCS system.

I assumed that Kopano (Core, Web App, etc) should run on a Debian machine, but use UCS and its OpenLDAP for authentication.Therefore @rene.losert needs the LDAP schema extensions for Kopano on the UCS Master.

@rene.losert: Do you have any joinscripts pending? LDAP schema extensions are usually registered in UCS’ OpenLDAP via joinscripts.


i got it running.
Just to clarify:

The setup:

master.domain.local -> UCS 4.2 (Central LDAP, installed the kopano4ucs packages (lib, udm, schema)
i looked at an ‘complete’ UCS domain, where also kopano is installed on an UCS-Server.
So i installed the same packages on my Master.

mail.domain.local -> Debian 8, here i installed the Kopano Core & Webapp, and i want these installation to get the Kopano users from my UCS Master

The main problem was, that the UCS master didn’t knew, that there is an Kopano Installation within its domain.

The point was, that the installation didn’t created the custom attributes at “local.domain:/univention/custom attributes”

Normaly these entrys should be created automaticly with join scripts, as @Grandjean said, i have no idea why this didn’t happen.

i created all these entrys manualy and now it works like a charm.

The problem with Kopano in particular is that the commands that create the custom attributes are part of the kopano4ucs package in /usr/lib/univention-install/70kopano4ucs.inst. However, kopano4ucs depends on all of the other Kopano packages (via kopano-server-packages), MySQL etc. Therefore you don’t want to install it on a DC Master. I consider these packaging decisions to be somewhat lacking.

You should be able to get away with installing only kopano4ucs-schema and creating the custom attributes manually. The relevant commands in the aforementioned 79kopano4ucs.inst are many and use a couple of variables set earlier in the script; therefore I won’t simply copy & paste them here. You can unpack that .deb manually with dpkg-deb and take a look yourself. It’s what we’ve done on our servers in a similar situation (DC Master with the Kopano4UCS LDAP schema extension, manually created custom attributes for UDM, and the Kopano server components running on a plain Ubuntu server elsewhere).

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The sources of the packages can also be found at The primary goal of these packages is to install the app through the appcenter, but i’ll gladly consider merging a pull request to make the packages installable outside of the appcenter.

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Thanks for the information @Moritz_Bunkus i will take a look at this.

It would be nice to have a kopano4ucs package without all the dependencys @fbartels.

@fbartels: I think that it would suffice to move the creation of all the extended attributes, the user template and initial mail domain objects from /usr/lib/univention-install/70kopano4ucs.inst to /usr/lib/univention-install/70kopano4ucs-udm.inst. That would leave them in the package kopano4ucs-udm instead of kopano4ucs. The former (kopano4ucs-udm) can be installed together with kopano4ucs-lib and kopano4ucs-schema on a DC Master without having to install all the other Kopano & MySQL server components.

Pull requests are welcome :wink: