Install app center from cli?

Hello, I installed a fresh copy of UCS on a test machine, but I didn’t pick a software package to install (i didn’t have a mouse on this machine and tab didn’t seem to allow me to access the software list)

Now that I have logged in, the app center does not seem to be installed or available… how can I install the app center from cli / repository ??

I would prefer to figure out how to use UCS from commandline, instead of re-installing.

Thank you!


you can list all available apps via

univention-app list
univention-app --help 

shows all available commands
You can install debian-packages via

univention-install <packagename> 


apt-get install <packagename>

But why don’t you use the UMC (Univention-Management-Console)? It is the Webinterface to administrate the Server? You can access it with any browser.

Thanks for the post. I am using the webgui… the applications are missing from there and I can’t install any of the software packages

aha! I was logged in as root, not administrator. whoops, my mistake.

Thank you !