Install and setup Asterisk

I am new with Asterisk and I thought I need a tutorial to install and setup
Where can I find a tutorial? If I understand correctly then in univention can setup all asterisk server things via web control.

I did tills now:

  • Install the Asterisk server
  • Created an user

I know this is not enough to work. What I need to do? Right now I want only ipad, iphone and android mobile to connect to asterisk server. I use now AdoreSoftphone program on my iphone to test or there is better asterisk client to mobile and tablet?

This will not be configuration to corporation, only I want to know better this UCS.

UPDATE: I can now connect to Asterisk with softphone programs but when I try login then I get this message: “Authentication failed. Error code: 403”.
But why? When I put correct information in login fields.
The user exists but the asterisk server thinks there is no such user.

Hi Soulleader,

I use Pascom PBX with MobyDick-Connector in UCS. In the Pascom PBX you can configure all needed settings in the web ui.



Hmm it seems better when comes phones. I don’t understand why UCS has asterisk when doesn’t work or I am stupid to use. Your solution is good. I like it. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Asterisk was the earlier in the app store of Univention. The partnership with pascom came in the last two ore three years.

Hello @SoulLeader,

as I understand your intention, you want an Asterisk server integrated with UCS. mobydick is for sure a good solution that can be connected to the UCS directory service. It already comes with the necessary plugin and the mobydick app make all the preparation on the UCS side.

Another app is Asterisk4UCS. This app uses the asterisk packages on UCS and adds some administrative modules to the UCS management system.

Those are the possibilities so far on UCS regarding the App Center.

Best regards,

I tried Asterisk4UCS but ehh this is difficult. :stuck_out_tongue:
Most part is in german language so I tried fill in all fields in settings but when I try connect to asterisk and login then I get that the user doesn’t exists. Connection is ok, but not login. It would be nice if there is a tutorial how can setup. :slight_smile:

Hello @SoulLeader,

ah ok. That’s a good feedback on Asterisk4UCS. I hope mobydick fits better to your needs.

Best regards,