Install and configure FTP for 4.3


I only found one manual for 4.1 and many things that are available in 4.3 don’t fit.

I installed univention-ftp. But how to connect this to the users, how to set up rights for certain directories etc. seems to be different.



well, it isn’t that hard. Installing univention-ftp will do two things:

  1. It pulls in the actual FTP server package, proftpd.
  2. It opens the required ports in the firewall.

proftpd's default configuration uses PAM for authenticating users. The default configuration for FTP-with-PAM uses Univention’s Config Registry variables for restricting access to the service. By default only members of the Domain Admins group are allowed to connect. You can change that by modifying the corresponding UCR variables. For example:

  • In order to make an exception for a single user janedoe, you can set auth/ftp/user/janedoe=yes. Similarly for whole groups (see the link above).
  • If you want all users to be able to connect, you can turn off the restrictions for FTP completely by setting auth/ftp/restrict=no.

Permissions for files and directories are managed directly via file system permissions and ACLs. Alternatively you can modify the configuration for proftpd in order to allow or deny certain users and groups access to specific parts of the file system. This is outside of the scope of Univention, though. You can read up on proftpd's configuration over here.

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