Install a new master role


My Master UCS it’s corrupted, and I have no backup UCS.
Is it possible to re install a new Master UCS and rejoin the others slaves and member to this new master, if I set the same FQDN with the new installation ?

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No, that’s not really possible. The thing is that several aspects of a domain are unique to that installation. For example, the SIDs used for a Windows domain are different if you re-create the domain with the same name.

Your best bet is to restore the UCS master from a backup.

If you don’t have a backup and the UCS master is really unrecoverable then I suggest you think about implementing a whole new domain.

I’ve just received word from Univention that re-installing a UCS DC master with the same domain name should work, at least in theory. You’d have to:

[ul][li]Re-install the DC master with the same settings as before (LDAP base DN, IP address, Windows domain name etc.)[/li]
[li]Create all users, groups, shares, printers etc. as before (be careful to use the same user and group IDs! Otherwise you’ll have to adjust existing files to the new user/group IDs)[/li]
[li]Then re-join all other UCS servers into this domain[/li]
[li]Re-join all Windows clients and servers into the domain[/li][/ul]

That’s the gist of it. Additionally you’ll have to pay attention to the SYSVOL shares as those can contain SIDs from the old domain. However, you can try to fix those with “samba-tool ntacl sysvol-reset”. ACLs of other shares will have to be fixed manually, though.

Thank you a lot Moritz !!!

I will try !!!