Ineo +253 scan to SMB

I have migrated a Fileserver from Samba 3.0.X to Univention 4 (Actual Version) and Samba 4.
But only the Printer (and Scanner) doesn’t work :slight_smile:
The Printer is an ineo +253 (Fax, Printer and Scanner)
I configured scan-to-SMB on the Printer. The Scan works fine on the old Samba 3. But I get an error-message for the Samba4-Share. The user Authentification doesn’t work. The message from the Scanner:
User Authentication Failed.
Samba 3.0 is not configured as a AD-Domain.
I have set the Username in the Webinterface from the Printer to:
(both doesn’t work)
The Password is correct and have only 6 Characters.
Have anyone a hint for me … ?

Thanks and best Regards!

Hi Again,
I have solved the problem: I can switch the Printer to use Samba Protocol Version 2 It Works :slight_smile: