Independent installation of Univention S4 Connector




I discovered this project while reading LDAPCon papers and I have some basic questions about s4connector.

I work on a small local government site and we’re currently using (old) Samba + LDAP setup. We rely (heavily) on LDAP for lot of external apps, so droping it is not an option. Our LDAP installation is based on 389-DS on CentOS containers and we’re really happy about it.

So I would like to know:

Can this connector be installed without the whole UCS packages?

Can be installed on any distribution?

Can be used on other LDAP server than OpenLDAP?

Is synchronization bidirectional?

I’m really looking forward this project because we don’t like the samba 4 approach.



Even as the source code is public available (mostly written in Python) I doubt you will be able to install it on a non-UCS server.

Well, you might be able to install, but as it relies heavily on the information stored in UCS LDAP and UCS varaibles it woill not work properly.

Why do you not transfer your LDAP data to an UCS domain?


we got lot of customizations to our environment so we need to maintain our current setup. we can change technologies, but not the main layout.

what kind of information or variables do S4C expect? anyone tried to achieve this before?