Improved DHCP Server Service via UMC

Hello, friends of the UCS Forum, I have been using UCS Core Free since the first versions, I have forwarded the email to the Feedback and also shared it here on the Forum, because I think these suggestions for improvements in the UCS DHCP Server service can help a lot network administrators. Sorry for my English, I speak from São Paulo Brazil

First: Creation of the DHCP Server Lease Report, the lack of a graphical report of the IP address leases offered by DHCP Server in the UMC makes it difficult to administer the service in large networks, being necessary, for example, to use the command: dhcp-lease-list --lease or less /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases in BASH/SHELL or create CGI/HTTML pages to extract this data, something that could be part of the UMC DHCP Server, along with the option to add computers with reserved concession, something that happens in other graphic managers of DHCP servers.

Second: Creation of DHCP Server Dynamic or Static Log, the lack of a graphical log of the status of the service and the concessions being offered in real time, facilitates the analysis of errors and verification of offers on the network, for this task and necessary, for example, the command: tail -f /var/log/syslog.

Third: Tool used as a basis for the suggestion:


this is something I feature requested several times in the past, but I don’t know, why Univention doesn’t want to enhance DHCP settings. It’s really painful to administrate DHCP clients within the UMC. :cry:

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