Importing users from existing Windows AD DC

I want to create a new server to replace our Windows 2008 SBS, but I don’t want to bring in anything but 10 existing users using folder redirections. I’ll create new GP’s I just want the users and to replecate folders.

I have problems with using AD takeover and want to avoid any problems that may be caused by configuration issues on the old AD DC.


if you’re having problems with the AD connector, and especially as you’re only dealing with ten accounts to keep, I highly suggest you simply create them manually in the new domain. If you’re worried about keeping the profiles for those users, then I suggest you take a look at the tool User Profile Wizard. It can be run on a Windows client in order to re-write an existing user profile to the new domain’s user SID.

Anything else will likely cost a lot more time than simply doing it manually.

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