Importing contacts from a csv file into the kopano addressbook


is there an elegant way to import contacts from a csv file into the kopano addressbook?

I already added a contact manually and therefore see, which objectclass and attributes are used. An alternative would therefore be to create an ldif file for every contact and import it with ldapadd.

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Hi @smguenther,

just to confirm, you are talking about the global addressbook in Kopano (so the ldap tree) and not a users contact folder? (especially the second part leans strongly toward ldap, just wanted to be sure anyways).

I think on UCS csv import is only part of UCS@School, but should be easily scriptable with udm even if you are not running it. I managed to find the following example, which only needs to be extended for the Kopano relevant attributes: Csv Datei integrieren

Hello fbartels,

thanks for you fast answer and guiding me to the posting.

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