Import and Sync an existing Odoo database

Hi guys!

We are giving a shot of integrating UCS platform on our existing architecture, we have successfully installated everything on a dedicated machine and one of the main reason we’d like to use univention is the apps integration.

We heavily make use of Odoo app.
As we already have a running instance i am trying to backup our prod instance over UCS,i have achived of doing this following these steps:

  • Deleting the original odoo database coming along the docker installation
  • Granting user odoo ( db ) for creating databases
  • Restoring our prod backup through Odoo gui
  • Moving all of our extra-addons onto the folder /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/odoo/data/extra-addons/
  • Moving the filestore onto the folder /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/odoo/data/odoo/filestore
  • Changing all files owner to systemd-network:systemd-journal

App seems to be running fine, and the ldap module on Odoo is configured correctly.
One thing i’d like to achieve is to sync somehow the existing user onto the Odoo system over UCS.

How can i achieve this? Creating the user on UCS is there a way to bind them to existing Odoo database?

Hope i was clear, most of these things are quite new to me, any suggestion will be much appreciated!

Have a nice day!

Any suggestions around here?


Hello @AlessioZ1

Hopefully you are doing fine! You deleted the UCS created Odoo database from which LDAP settings you could have read and copy the LDAP field values to your imported database. Do you have backup of the db?

I am working in the middle of the same import process here, and my plan is to have backup of the UCS created default Odoo database so I can then fill the LDAP settings in my imported db.

Okay, after rereading your question, have you already configured the LDAP settings fields in your imported Odoo database? Was your actual question about syncing existing Odoo user to UCS?