I'm sad about UCC's death

Dear friends,
With the end of the UCC, I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to replace it.
In addition to installing UCC via PXE, functionality that was very important, we also have custom_scripts, which helped me make a series of implementations such as mapping nfs shares on the server, installing and updating software in UCC, etc. We have policies defined via UCS, and also the print part, which works super well, integrated with UCS. This product is incredible, it’s a shame to get out of the picture, mainly because of the level of integration it has with UCS.
Anyway, I want to ask you, if the “Domain Join Assistant” will have more functionality, if you intend to expand the functionality. In the event of a future UCC replacement, what options would I have?
M23 or OPSI are similar to UCC?
Univention sees the possibility still to continue with UCC?

Best Regards,
Michael Voigt

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