I have Icinga2 server in my network. I wish to add checks for all my Univention servers to it. I’m guessing if it is possible to install Icinga from App Center, then it is somehow possible to install icinga2 from apt. I have added icinga2 - wheezy repo but I can not install it :frowning: Maybe somebody tried it before? Why I want to do it outside Nagios? Because I use Grafana for rest of my systems and I wish to add Univention there too.

I will be very grateful for any help.



you don’t have to install Icinga itself on UCS in order to monitor UCS with Icinga. Univention provides several NRPE checks that can be used with several monitoring solutions that support the NRPE protocol. Install the package »univention-nagios-client« which includes several UCS-specific check scripts in »/usr/lib/nagios/plugins«. For hints how to call them look at the file »/usr/share/nagios-plugins/templates-univention/univention.cfg«.

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