Http 404 for main.json after installing suiteCRM

I just installed the .ova for suitecrm. All went well and the last thing the install tells me is to go to


When I go there, the page loads. The result is I only see the header of the page, and on the right, the language switch. The rest of the page is white (and there is a javascript error in the console)

The problem is on this line in ActivationWizard.js:

var version = tools.status(‘ucsVersion’).split(’-’)[0];

tools._status does not have and attribute ucsVersion.

(I set it myself during debugging, and then the text and upload button appears)

Its not a nice bug to see after downloading 2Gb and waiting for 30 minutes for the installation to finish.


Hello @afkab,

welcome to Univention Help. You have been running into this issue:

It has already been fixed and the update at the beginning of the app appliance setup will pull it automatically. You could redo the setup of the appliance and continue then with the activation.

Best regards,