Howto: Upgrade UCS Servers Through Command Line On The Console

Howto Upgrade UCS Servers Through Command Line On The Console

Step 1

Enable a connection to the console of your server and login as “root”. By default the password for “root” is the same as for “Administrator”.
The password for “root” might be different from the domain “Administrator”'s password. See this article.

Option 1

Use the console access possibilities your hypervisor offers (VMRC, VNC) to access your virtual server’s console directly. In case of physical server you might need to attach a monitor and a keyboard to use the console directly.

Option 2

Use PuTTY to access the virtual console of your UCS server.

Step 2

Start a screen session in case the network gets disconnected during the upgrade process. This step is strongly recommended as it is very likely to loose network connectivity during upgrade. (For step 1, option 1 this is optional):
screen -S upgrade

In case the connection drops you can re-connect to the screen session then with
screen -x upgrade

Step 3

Make sure the package database is consistent and has no errors.
dpkg --configure -a

Step 4

All preparations are done now. You should start the upgrade.
When running remotely in a screen session you should add two ignore-parameters:
--ignoreterm and --ignoressh

Option 1

Simply update to the latest available version.
univention-upgrade --ignoreterm --ignoressh

Option 2

Update step-by-step. It is recommended to reboot the server at least after everly minor update (ie 4.2-5 to 4.3-0):
univention-upgrade --ignoreterm --ignoressh --updateto=4.4-0

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