Howto Resize the UCS Partition


Resize on a virtual machine the UCS partition without loosing data.


Note: It is a very good idea to do a backup before performing these steps. Just ins case.

Step 1 - Prerequisites

  1. UCS-System installed at UEFI running on an hypervisor
  2. Through the hypervisor the disk is already enlarged
  3. (209 Bytes) has been run to update disks (optional partprobe or reboot)

Step 2 - Fix errors in partition table

when starting cgdisk some errors will appear. Ignore them.
cgdisk /dev/sda
Press “w” to write the (now fixed) partition table.
Press “q” to quit cdisk.

Step 3 - Star cgdisk again

cgdisk /dev/sda
Delete the UCS partition and re-create with the same starting sector as before. Match the new size.
Press “w” to write the (now resized) partition table.
Press “q” to quit cdisk.

Step 4 - Reboot

shutdown -r now

Step 5 - Resize file system

resize2fs /dev/sda3