Howto: Migrate To UDN Protocol Version 3

Howto: Migrate To Univention Directory Notifier (UDN) Protocol Version 3

With UCS 4.3-3 Erratum 423 Univention introduced the new UDN protocol v3.

Environments which have been initially installed with UCS-4.3 or prior will still provide protocol version 2.
You can upgrade you environment with the following steps.

Step 1

Upgrade univention-directory-listener (on all roles) and univention-directory-notifier (all except Member servers) to at least UCS-4.3-3 Erratum 423. Be aware of the order of upgrading: Start with the Master, go ahead with the Backups followed by the Slaves and finally the Member servers.
Once all server have at least UCS 4.3-3 Erratum 423 and have been rebooted, proceed.

Step 2

Important Note
Start in reverse order to the upgrade process for this steps. First, change on the Slave servers, proceed with Backups and finally the Master server. As UDN does not run on Member servers, nothing more needs to be done there.

Enable the protocol by setting the UCR variable and restart the services:

root@ucs:~# ucr set notifier/protocol/version=3
root@ucs:~# systemctl restart univention-directory-notifier