Howto Install Additional OX Instances

Howto Install Additional OX Instances

Adding additional instances is not an “easy-going” job. Instead it needs some knowledge. So the following is only a rough sketch about what the administrator has to do. Use is as a template not as detailed instructions.

Step 1

First, the OX App Suite app must also be installed on the additional OX instances. But the listener modules and join script must not run there.

ucr set ox/listener/enabled=no ucr set ox/joinscript/skip=yes univention-app install oxseforucs --skip-check must_have_correct_server_role univention-run-join-scripts

Step 2

Then, the settings can be copied from the first OX instance. This can be done, for example, using the following command:

rsync -a root@ox-instance1.ucs.local:/opt/open-xchange/etc/ /opt/open-xchange/etc

Please note: If you want to use different or multiple IMAP, SMTP and LDAP-Servers for your OX systems, copying the configurations with rsync as above is not sufficient. You need to change the FQDN and re-commit the LDAP-Bind-Password (FIXME: review needed):

sed -i “s/$IMAPSERVER1/$IMAPSERVER2/g” /opt/open-xchange/etc/.properties ucr set ox/cfg/’@&@/etc/machine.secret@&@’

Step 3

Additionally you should change the configuration that the IMAP-Server is determined on a per user base (written to the MySQL database) to a global value configured on the server:

ucr set ox/cfg/ ucr set ox/cfg/

See /opt/open-xchange/etc/ for details.

Step 3

Finally, the groupware must be restarted on these additional OX instances:

systemctl restart open-xchange