Howto: Change Capital Hostname to Lower Capitals


Change hostname with capital letters to a hostname with only lower capital letters.
This procedure might cause your system to fail totally. Only change it if you know what you are doing as it might do harm to your system. If unsure do not use this article and/ or contact Univention Support!

Note: This applies only to non-master server rolse. The name of a master can not be changed.

Step 1

Change the hostname locally.

ucr set hostname=name ldap/hostdn='cn=name,cn=dc,cn=computers,dc=multi,dc=ucs' ldap/server/name=name.multi.ucs ucs/web/overview/entries/admin/opsi-server/link=https://name.multi.ucs:4447/ umc/saml/trusted/sp/name.multi.ucs=name.multi.ucs

ucr unset umc/saml/trusted/sp/NAME.multi.ucs

hostname ucsdc-hb-02.


Step 2

Remove the uppercase hostname through udm or in UMC.

Step 3

Remote the assigned upper case DNS record in UMC. Take care of any reverse zone, too. Use the search function to find any upper case remindings.

Step 4

Remove the certificates:

rm -rf /etc/univention/ssl/NAME
rm -rf /etc/univention/ssl/NAME.multi.ucs

Step 5

Re-join the server to the domain. The corresponding lower case items will be created in LDAP: