Howto Access a different Port on a UCS Server


Access a different port on a UCS server. In case you have installed a third-party programm which listens on a non-standard port and you want to prevent to type in the port number in the URL every time (i.e. http://server.multi.ucs:8056)

Step 1

Configure an additional hostname as CNAME in the UMC to be used for this programm (i.e. program.multi.ucs) which points to the A record of the UCS where it is installed.

Step 2

Make sure your firewall accepts connections from localhost to this port (default). Check our documentation how to do.

Step 3

Create an additonal site file for apache how it is documented in this article. Use the hostname from Step 1.

Step 4

Edit the configuration file for your needs (i.e. remove the TLS settings when https:// is not needed). A minimal file could look like this with “program.multi.ucs” as created hostname and the program listening on port 9100 on the server:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName propgram.multi.ucs
    ProxyPass retry=0