How-to: Using udm

Using udm

The detailed documentation of udm you will find in developer documentation:

udm is using udm properties and not the open ldap attributes. You will find a mapping by executing:

root@UCS:~ # python -c 'from univention.admin.handlers.users.user import mapping;print("\n".join(map("{0[0]:>30s} {0[1][0]:<30s}".format, sorted(mapping._map.items()))))'

If you are running a UCS@school environment you should not use udm for creating users as you will bypass the ucsschoollib! But you can have a look here for a valid command

udm offers a help information:

root@UCS:~ # udm --help

Also is very useful:

root@UCS:~ # udm users/<TAB><TAB>
users/contact  users/ldap     users/passwd   users/self     users/user

If you execute a incorrect command you will get a full help page:

root@UCS:~ # udm users/user modify 
univention-directory-manager: command line interface for managing UCS
copyright (c) 2001-2021 Univention GmbH, Germany

  univention-directory-manager module action [options]
  univention-directory-manager [--help] [--version]

  create:                          Create a new object
  modify:                          Modify an existing object
  remove:                          Remove an existing object
  list:                            List objects
  move:                            Move object in directory tree

  -h | --help | -?:                print this usage message
  --version:                       print version information

general options:
  --binddn                         bind DN
  --bindpwd                        bind password
  --bindpwdfile                    file containing bind password
  --logfile                        path and name of the logfile to be used
  --tls                            0 (no); 1 (try); 2 (must)

create options:
  --position                       Set position in tree
  --set                            Set variable to value, e.g. foo=bar
  --superordinate                  Use superordinate module
  --option                         Use only given module options
  --append-option                  Append the module option
  --remove-option                  Remove the module option
  --policy-reference               Reference to policy given by DN

modify options:
  --dn                             Edit object with DN
  --set                            Set variable to value, e.g. foo=bar
  --append                         Append value to variable, e.g. foo=bar
  --remove                         Remove value from variable, e.g. foo=bar
  --option                         Use only given module options
  --append-option                  Append the module option
  --remove-option                  Remove the module option
  --policy-reference               Reference to policy given by DN
  --policy-dereference             Remove reference to policy given by DN

remove options:
  --dn                             Remove object with DN
  --superordinate                  Use superordinate module
  --filter                         Lookup filter e.g. foo=bar
  --remove_referring               remove referring objects

list options:
  --filter                         Lookup filter e.g. foo=bar
  --position                       Search underneath of position in tree
  --policies                       List policy-based settings:
                                   0:short, 1:long (with policy-DN)

move options:
  --dn                             Move object with DN
  --position                       Move to position in tree

  univention-directory-manager is a tool to handle the configuration for UCS
  on command line level.
  Use "univention-directory-manager modules" for a list of available modules.

users/user options:
  default                          POSIX, Samba, Kerberos and mail account
  pki                              Public key infrastructure account

users/user variables:
	User account
		title                                    Title
		firstname                                First name
		lastname                                 Last name
		username (*)                             User name
		description                              Description
		password                                 Password
		overridePWHistory                        Override password history
		overridePWLength                         Override password check
		mailPrimaryAddress                       Primary e-mail address
		emailExchange ([])                       emailExchange
	Personal information
		displayName                              Display name
		birthday                                 Birthdate
		jpegPhoto                                Picture of the user (JPEG format)
		organisation                             Organisation
		employeeNumber                           Employee number
		employeeType                             Employee type
		secretary ([])                           Superior
	Primary group
		primaryGroup                             Primary group
	Additional groups
		groups ([])                              Groups
		disabled                                 Account is deactivated
		userexpiry                               Account expiry date
	Locked login
		pwdChangeNextLogin                       User has to change password on next login
		passwordexpiry                           Password expiry date
		unlock                                   Unlock account
		unlockTime                               Lockout till
		accountActivationDate                    Activate user account starting from
		homedrive                                Windows home drive
		sambahome                                Windows home path
		scriptpath                               Windows logon script
		profilepath                              Windows profile directory
		sambaRID                                 Relative ID
		sambaPrivileges ([])                     Samba privilege
		sambaLogonHours                          Permitted times for Windows logins
		sambaUserWorkstations ([])               Allow the authentication only on this Microsoft Windows host
		unixhome                                 Unix home directory
		shell                                    Login shell
		uidNumber                                User ID
		gidNumber                                Group ID of the primary group
		homeShare                                Home share
		homeSharePath                            Home share path
	SAML settings
		serviceprovider ([])                     Enable user for the following service providers
	Advanced settings
		mailAlternativeAddress ([])              Alternative e-mail address
		mailHomeServer                           Mail home server
		mailUserQuota                            Mail quota (MB)
	Mail forwarding
		mailForwardCopyToSelf                    Forwarding setting
		mailForwardAddress ([])                  Forward e-mail address
		e-mail ([])                              E-mail address
		phone ([])                               Telephone number
		roomNumber ([])                          Room number
		departmentNumber ([])                    Department number
		street                                   Street
		postcode                                 Postal code
		city                                     City
		country                                  Country
		homeTelephoneNumber ([])                 Private telephone number
		mobileTelephoneNumber ([])               Mobile phone number
		pagerTelephoneNumber ([])                Pager telephone number
		homePostalAddress ([])                   Private postal address
  UMC preferences:
	UMC preferences
		umcProperty ([])                         UMC user preferences
		userCertificate (pki)                    PKI user certificate (DER format)
		certificateSubjectCommonName (pki)       Subject Common Name
		certificateSubjectMail (pki)             Subject Mail
		certificateSubjectOrganisation (pki)     Subject Organisation
		certificateSubjectOrganisationalUnit (pki) Subject Organisational Unit
		certificateSubjectLocation (pki)         Subject Location
		certificateSubjectState (pki)            Subject State
		certificateSubjectCountry (pki)          Subject Country
		certificateIssuerCommonName (pki)        Issuer Common Name
		certificateIssuerMail (pki)              Issuer Mail
		certificateIssuerOrganisation (pki)      Issuer Organisation
		certificateIssuerOrganisationalUnit (pki) Issuer Organisational Unit
		certificateIssuerLocation (pki)          Issuer Location
		certificateIssuerState (pki)             Issuer State
		certificateIssuerCountry (pki)           Issuer Country
		certificateDateNotBefore (pki)           Valid from
		certificateDateNotAfter (pki)            Valid until
		certificateVersion (pki)                 Version
		certificateSerial (pki)                  Serial
		guacamoleActivated                       Activate user for Guacamole
		rocketchatActivated                      Activate user for Rocket.Chat
  OX App Suite:
		isOxUser                                 Activate User in OX (unchecking will delete!)
		oxContext                                OX context
		oxDisplayName                            OX Display Name
		oxAccess                                 OX Access
		oxLanguage                               Default language
		oxTimeZone                               Default timezone
		oxMiddleName                             Middle name
		oxSuffix                                 Name suffix
		oxNickName                               Nickname
		oxNote                                   Comments
		oxMobileBusiness                         Mobile business
		oxFaxBusiness                            Fax business
		oxInstantMessenger1                      IM business
		oxTelephoneCompany                       Telephone exchange
		oxTelephoneIp                            VoIP
		oxTelephoneCar                           Car phone
		oxTelephoneTelex                         Telex
		oxTelephoneTtydd                         Text phone
		oxStateBusiness                          State business
		oxCountryBusiness                        Country business
		oxPosition                               Position
		oxDepartment                             Department
		oxBranches                               Branches
		oxManagerName                            Manager
		oxTelephoneAssistant                     Assistant
		oxTaxId                                  Tax ID
		oxCommercialRegister                     Commercial Register
		oxSalesVolume                            Sales volume
		oxUrl                                    URL
		oxStreetHome                             Street private
		oxPostalCodeHome                         Post code private
		oxCityHome                               City private
		oxStateHome                              State private
		oxCountryHome                            Country private
		oxEmail2                                 Email private
		oxFaxHome                                Fax private
		oxInstantMessenger2                      IM private
		oxBirthday                               Date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD)
		oxAnniversary                            Anniversary (YYYY-MM-DD)
		oxNumOfChildren                          Children
		oxMarialStatus                           Marital status
		oxSpouseName                             Spouse`s name
		oxProfession                             Profession
	Contact other
		oxStreetOther                            Street other
		oxPostalCodeOther                        Postalcode other
		oxCityOther                              City other
		oxStateOther                             State other
		oxCountryOther                           Country other
		oxTelephoneOther                         Telephone other
		oxFaxOther                               Fax other
		oxEmail3                                 Email other
	Optional settings
		oxUserfield01                            Optional 1
		oxUserfield02                            Optional 2
		oxUserfield03                            Optional 3
		oxUserfield04                            Optional 4
		oxUserfield05                            Optional 5
		oxUserfield06                            Optional 6
		oxUserfield07                            Optional 7
		oxUserfield08                            Optional 8
		oxUserfield09                            Optional 9
		oxUserfield10                            Optional 10
		oxUserfield11                            Optional 11
		oxUserfield12                            Optional 12
		oxUserfield13                            Optional 13
		oxUserfield14                            Optional 14
		oxUserfield15                            Optional 15
		oxUserfield16                            Optional 16
		oxUserfield17                            Optional 17
		oxUserfield18                            Optional 18
		oxUserfield19                            Optional 19
		oxUserfield20                            Optional 20
		SAP-Login                                SAP Login
		MySPLogin                                external login data
  GitLab Enterprise Edition (Beta):
	GitLab Enterprise Edition (Beta)
		gitlabActivated                          Activate user for GitLab Enterprise Edition (Beta)
		nextcloudQuota                           Nextcloud Quota
		nextcloudEnabled                         Access to Nextcloud

The content printed depends on installed apps and extensions.