How To: Use SASL Authentication from Dovecot

How to switch between different SASL authentication services in UCS


The UCS postfix must authenticate the user if he wants to send an email. There are two SASL possibilities within UCS. On the one hand the stand-alone saslauthd, alternatively the sasl authentication integrated in Dovecot. This is controlled by the UCS variable.

Switch to standalone saslauthd

ucr set mail/postfix/dovecot_sasl=no

Switch to sasl authentication service from dovecot

ucr set mail/postfix/dovecot_sasl=yes

There are no special differences between these two services, only Dovecot wants the domain part as username. So ‘’, whereas the saslauthd is satisfied with only the username. Only if you use more than one email domain, there might be some differences in these two services.