How to use policies to map drives in UCS4

Hi, I am seeking guidance on how to map drives at login time for my users. I simply don’t know which Policy type to use. I have tried to use the “Desktop” template which appears to have a login script field. In this field, I have given the filename “general-drive-mappings.bat”. For just one user, I have added this policy and then I have created this file in /var/lib/samba/sysvol/domain/scripts

I can see this on the client computer and run it manually, but it does not run automatically. DNS is correctly set to point to UCS server

Perhaps this is just the “old” way to do this kind of thing?

Any help with getting login scripts to work from policies would be most appreciated. I do not have a background in Active Directory and have always created login scripts on the PCs to map drives and got this executed on the local machine user account.

Thank you


UCS provides two different types of policies. What you can find in the docs and in the webinterface (UMC) as “policies” is an Univention specific implementation. Those policies are evaluated by Univention systems (UCS, UCC) only.

For Windows clients, you can use the “Group Policy” feature of Active Directory, see … ichtlinien
To create and edit these Group Policy Objects (GPO), you need a Windows client with the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) that is joined to the Domain. “Group Policy” is a powerful tool that can also map network drives.

Nevertheless, you can also use the method you are used to and just link login scripts to certain users. Placing the login script in “/var/lib/samba/sysvol//scripts/” was correct. Now open the user and go to the “Account” tab. There you have a field called “Windows logon script”. Just enter the name of the script (general-drive-mappings.bat) into this field and save the user. If you have a lot of users, you can use the multi-edit mode (see … rface:edit )

Best regards,
Michael Grandjean

Thank you Michael, this worked exactly as you say. Most appreciated