How-To: Use a Windows-Homedrive on multipe sites


You have users (students, teachers) who are located on different schools in a multi-school environment and you want to configure a global share point for the Windows home drive.


Step 1 - Each school-DC should have a DNS-CNAME

For each of your school-DC’s you should add the same CNAME in DNS (e.g. schoolserver)

Step 2 - Change Home Path to the DNS-CNAME

Set the Windows home path to \\schoolserver\User.Name for each user this should apply.

At this point there is no central share but only a unique access pattern. The user still has a separate home path on each school-DC. If you want to change this there are several approaches.

Step 3a - Synchronise the directories

You might implement a synchronisation (e.g. with rsync) between all the school-DCs.

Step 3b - Use a central share server

You might have a central file share from which the home share is mounted on each school-DC.

Step 3…

There may be other approaches to archive global synchronised home drives