How-To: Upgrade from UCS 3.3 to UCS 5


UCS 3.3 was released after UCS 4.0. This may lead to difficulties in the upgrade process of the system, as some packages (e.g. Samba) are newer in UCS 3.3 than in UCS 4.0. These instructions will help you to upgrade your UCS 3.3 system to a UCS 5 system.


Ensure you’ve backed up your UCS 3.3 system before starting the upgrade to facilitate restoration in case of issues. Execute the commands within a screen session or tmux to avoid interruptions and ensure a seamless upgrade process.

Step 1: Prepare the Repository Directory

mkdir -p /var/lib/univention-repository/mirror/3.2/maintained/component/ && cd "$_"

Step 2: Download and Extract Upgrade Components

wget --no-check-certificate
tar xvf transition.tar

Step 3: Configure the Repository Component for Upgrade

We’ll simulate the current system as UCS 3.2 to ensure that the upgrade process doesn’t mistakenly identify a version higher than 4.0 as currently running:

ucr set repository/online/component/transition=enabled repository/online/component/transition/version=3.2

Step 4: Clean Up the GPG Key

rm transition/*/Release.gpg

Step 5: Initiate the Upgrade Process

univention-upgrade --ignoressh --ignoreterm