How to turn dhcp option »routers« into policy

Hello There!

I am a little confused about where to set what, but what I am basically trying is to migrate an exiting UCS from on Network to another, in order to gain more possible IPs.

I have initially installed the UCS on such a network: and that resulted in entries for:

  • domain / networks
  • domain / dhcp
  • domain / dns

The resulting network configuration (system / interfaces) included that:


On the router I set DHCP to »DHCP Relay« and pointed that to the IP of the UCS, which worked so far. Now, when trying to change the Network, the clients did not get a default route anymore until I found that I could set a default gateway through dhcp options like that:

Screenshot from 2023-06-23 14-39-44

But that feels pretty hacky and I guess that should be turned into a policy - but which should that be?

Additionally, the IP specified in the value basically refers to the default gateway of the ucs itself, which in turn is already set within the ldap. I there a way to use some sort of reference, or do I have to specify it twice?