How to set up the company domains?!


how do you set up the Domain structure? Lets say i have
I call my internal domain

Right now everything works interally with However, i now want to add the real user addesses

I guess i need to add the DNS Zone in order to be able to add the users

How can i set the public forward IP Adress for that Zone?


How you handle the domain is really up to you. The recommendation to not use your actual domain is based on DNS conflicts and issues that may arise from the demarcation between external and internal services. If that is not an issue for you then you can certainly run your server with your main domain and not worry about setting up an internal domain.

If you choose not to do that, then you can simply add additional email addresses for other domains in the advanced settings for your users.

Setting up address forwarding and mx records is just like usual. If you want your ucs server to handle mail for a domain you setup your mx record to point to your ucs server and you need to add that domain to the mail settings of the ucs server. If you are on an internal network with a private address space you will also need to forward the proper ports etc.

Oh wait, reading the error: The LDAP object could not be saved: The domain part of the following mail addresses is not in list of configured mail domains:

I just need to create the mail domain and i will be fine?!