How to set up squid / dansguard

Can somebody explain how to set up properly squid / dansguard? It seems quite simple but it doesnt seem to work. Screenshot of my setup is attached. My goal is 1. Block some unwanted sites 2. See statistics about web usage.
First problem:
I enable squid/contentscan ( enabled by default )
I create variable “dansguardian/groups/IT/banned/sites” and set some domains I want to block, in this case and

as i understand if the “dansguardian/groups/system” is set to yes the LDAP groups are used. I have created group IT and my user is member of that group. Problem is this setup doesn’t do anything and google are accessible.

About the second problem as I understand there is no nice gui / webapp included wich can analyze dansguardian / squid logs?


due to lack of personal experience with dansguardian I can not help with the UI-question and just point to [bug]36819[/bug] which indicates that there was a problem which was fixed in UCS 4.0. In addition you can find some remarks where to search information how dansguard handles the blocked sites.

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke