How to set DNS-TTL through `udm`?


I know this article about how to create a CNAME entry through udm.

However, I would like to set a very short TTL (so the entry does not really get cached).

Anyone having an idea how to solve?
For a starter I created an entry and checked the LDAP-object with univention-ldapsearch:

root@ucs:~# udm dns/alias create --set cname="mail.$domain" --set name=foo --superordinate "$(udm dns/forward_zone list |sed -ne 's/^DN: //p;T;q')"
Object created: relativeDomainName=foo,[...]

root@praxis:~# univention-ldapsearch relativeDomainName=foo
# extended LDIF
# LDAPv3
# base <dc=domain,dc=de> (default) with scope subtree
# filter: relativeDomainName=foo
# requesting: ALL

# foo,, dns,
dn: relativeDomainName=foo,,cn=dns,dc=domain,dc=de
relativeDomainName: foo
dNSTTL: 10800
objectClass: univentionObject
objectClass: top
objectClass: dNSZone
univentionObjectType: dns/alias

So I see a value of dNSTTL: 10800. But when I use this as an attribute as shown:
--set dNSTTL=60
udm refuses to set:
WARNING: No attribute with name 'dNSTTL' in this module, value not set.

No change if I try it with upper “d”.

So what is the attribute name to be used here so set the TTL to a low value (i.t. 60 seconds)?

Or how do I archieve this goal?



Looks like it is --set zonettl=10 even though I would not have guessed the “zonettl” to be for a single CNAME entry.

I wil test further.